Monday, March 24, 2008

New Life for Love

March 24, 2008

Still chilly (but sunny) here in the BC hinterlands, but in 2 weeks I'll be in Puerto Morelos, Mexico (1/2 hour south of Cancun) to be the labour coach for my youngest daughter's first baby’s birth! Yow, how did THAT happen??? Well, it does, doesn't it?

Hmm, having a kind of visionary sense here that is raising the hair on my arms...bebes are born all the time, everywhere, but when it's your OWN, meaning within your own circle of family and friends, it is a supreme life coming to walk on this "blighted beauty of a world" to quote Meem. And so there are many people in our overlapping and intersecting circles…Maya, Mexican, Canadian (and farther back through reaches of time and family to Holland, France, Ireland, etc), American…who will be gently tugging on that slippery little head as it emerges out of the internal sea created by William, Crescent, and his own self into the he echoes the entire flow of evolution, as he comes into his own karma...

Whew, giving myself major goosebumples here! Better get back to the course grading and then outside into some sun!

Best wishes and Happy Spring (!!!) to all
ps - go here: for some cool wave and beach movies and pictures, compiled for my Oceanography students.

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